IPO targets USD 8 Billion valuation


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Country flag the maker of Candy Crush Saga could be looking at as much as a $7.6 billion valuation in their I.P.O. The Wall Street Journal reported today that the valuation would put King in the big leagues with a valuation rivaling the top video game companies on the market. King

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Yup most of these large IPOs are just illusions for many people buying them. I remember facebooks IPO launch.lots of people lost money in the dubious virtual equity gold rush.its a fraud and just like new dot whatevers the creators of the shares and enablers of registration reality cash in.I would only buy into the IPO launches about 20% of the time.the shares start of overpriced and that's why most of them drop and take forever to reach and pass IPO launch time share prices.I am just cynical.there is a reason it costs $1m to be on the BOD at the NYSE. And they are always at the highest place clapping at IPO launches!!

Just play it very smart.

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