Kevin Fink dispels rumors, addresses the future


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Kevin Fink, director of domains at Flippa, responded to a barrage of claims, rumors and several outlandish allegations
  • Ali Zandi, another Flippa power-seller, became successful on his own and is not a “marketing gimmick”.
  • Zandi’s interview to DomainSherpa was on his own initiative, not Flippa’s and not a paid advertisement.
  • Both Zandi and Bellone paid for auction upgrades, and also received assistance – as does anyone else that reaches out to Flippa and requests it.

Check out the complete article about Flippa and its current position on Domain Gang
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Yep, this seemed fishy. When they sent coupon codes to boost a listing to the homepage I was excited. I listed a domain and boosted it to the homepage and just in a few hours the homepage listing had expired. I only got a 1 $ starting bid with the homepage exposure. Thank god it was a coupon code upgrade and not my hard earned money


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