Kashmir.com Stolen By Indian Army?


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[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Contrary to the news items regarding Kashmir.com being owned since 1997 by the Indian Army, the real story is that UK based Kashmiri IT Engineer Mr Khurshid Nahami claims to be the real legal owner of this domain name, and he has the paperwork to prove this. This domain name was stolen from him by the Indian Army in May 2002 using sophisticated methods at a time when the regulation and security of the names managed by Network Solutions (at the time one of a few companies allowed to register domain names on behalf of customers) was very lax[/FONT]
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it might not have been stolen by indian army.the person who might have hijacked the domain might be just redirecting the domain to indian army site.
i personally feel indian army will never do such cheap things.


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Sounds suspicious to me also. A good story but some parts sound dubious. For example:

I told this American of my deep love for Kashmir and my birthplace and my wish to have the name. To my amazement he said that I could have it for free and in 1997 he transferred it to me.? Mr Nahami claimed.

You maybe right that its a third party. The name is for sale on Sedo:

Kashmir up for sale, virtually

One thing though, it doesn't have a normal offer screen:

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