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I have just launched Finsocial.in. The objective of the website is to be a social bookmarking site for finance and investing info for India. It also has groups where people can set up their own groups or participate in ongoing discussions about finance and investing.

I have also created a top-level category for "Internet" and sub-categories for "Domains", "Monetization" etc. are created for like minded people to share info and join the community.

So, check it out - finsocial.in

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Nice website msdomains. :)

As there are already a lot of social bookmarking sites, I think it's a great idea that your site is concentrating on a particular area (ie. finance and investing in India). Good luck with the new website.

Oh BTW, I like the domains sub-category. ;)


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Thanks Ceres. Hope some inforum-er's (I just coined it) check it out too!
Good try. Here are some comments:

  • Nice template.
  • Why is the first page void of any meaningful content?
  • Social bookmarking sites are akin to forums you need lots of patience and marketing :)


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Hi Ace,

I am trying to work that with the developer. Actually the template is also playing some games with me (it knows I am new to Pligg!). Will sort that out soon.

Thanks for checking it out.


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  • Why is the first page void of any meaningful content?
Hi Ace, I think this issue will disappear once the website gets more traffic and votes. My understanding is that articles under "upcoming news" need a certain amount of votes before they are upgraded to "published news" (which is on the home page).
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