Just how much traffic do .Cm typos get? A lot…


Brian Krebs digs into a zero-click network of mostly typo domains.

Last month Brian Krebs wrote about .cm domains and other typos on his site KrebsOnSecurity.com, building on research done by Matthew Chambers of SecureWorks.

The story reviewed a number of typo domain names and where they pointed. They all seemed to forward to other pages that sometimes led to malware. In other words, “zero-click” parking.

Krebs reviewed some of the domains that the typos forwarded to. He found that they were all registered with the email address ryanteraksxe1@yahoo.com*.

Media Breakaway is Scott Richter’s company. It owns the domain parking service The Parking Place, which uses a combination of monetization techniques.

A reader on Kreb’s site noted that four years of access logs for the network of domain names were available for download on the hosting provider’s site. Krebs was able to download it and Chambers reviewed the data.

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