Jon Nevett Seeks to Position .ORG as the Best TLD, Period

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When I entered the domain business in 2002 - back when there were just a handful of extensions to choose from - there was an ongoing debate in the forums of the day about what was the best alternative to .com - .net or .org? Of course, the keyword has a major bearing on which would be the better choice, but all things being equal my preference was .org. I liked that .org had a clearly defined and positive identity of its own and a very high level of trust

because of the kinds of registrants that used it most - non-profits, organizations and enterprises that had an altruistic orientation (in fields like education, health care or advocating for a cause, to name just a few of the many examples).

There was also ample evidence of interest in high quality .org domains in the aftermarket with prices that often ran into five figures and could go even higher. That has held true through the years. In 2018, sold for $500,000, for $225,000, for $63,700and for $45,000. The 2019 sales season has just started but we've already seen change hands for $25,000. Those kinds of sales show how valuable well chosen .org domains can be beyond the every day price of a registration.

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