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John Xu, known as the founder of, his Chinese name is Xu Jun/Xu Caijun. John was born in Wenzhou, a city famous for its success in the business world. Now John lives in Hangzhou, which is one of the most important cities in Chinese domaining industry (the other one is Xiamen).

John Xu is not only the founder of, he also founded a cross-border e-commerce app, Besides that, he is also an angel investor. It is undoubted that he is a very influential and prominent figure in Chinese domain industry. In July, 2016, blogger Raymond Hackney started a campaign named Who is the Greatest Domainer of All Time? We found it interesting and then started a vote in China, in which John Xu ranked No. 1. The result may not be objective, but it proves his prestige at the very least.

John was forced to start a business in 2004 and he did not do well at the beginning. Not attending classes or exams in college, he was informed that he could not graduate in time, making it an impossible thing to find a job. Then he started his own company with ¥100k CNY, which was soon spent out. On his birthday that year, after he paid employees’ wages, all he had was ¥50 CNY in the bank account and it could not even be withdrawn from ATM. That’s why he doesn’t like celebrating his birthdays afterwards.

In April, 2005, he rented a 15 m2 room, which turned out to be his life-changing place. From April to June, he got up at 4 a.m. every day to snatch expiring domains. Then his domain investing took off by selling and buying domains. In 2008, he founded, which is now one of the largest domain marketplaces in China. In March, 2016, the most favored Chinese registrar eName officially merged with The two major players became one, which is definitely a good move to the capital as well as the users. On 15th Aug. 2016, eName has officially gone public.


One of the most inspiring stories I have read so far!!


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