John Colascione: Relaunch of Domain Name Auction for NAMESCON 2019 Closes May 14-15th

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A final chance remains for domains included in the NAMESCON GLOBAL live auction which was held this past January in Las Vegas. According to an email send out last week, the auction will end between Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Names that are listed for sale include premium domain names such as the two character .com, “XU.COM”and other premium names “IBF.COM”, “COLLEGELOANS.COM”, “SENIORDATING.COM”, “SINGLEMEN.COM” and of course, many more.

Interestingly, there are names being sold as part of this auction which are not listed on the general listing page. For instance, while “SINGLEMEN.COM” is included, “SENIORDATING.COM” is within the email-alert, but is not on the public listing page. The same applies to “COLLEGELOANS.COM” and “CARDEALER.COM”, so there are some hidden treasures involved.

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