John Berryhill defends another animal


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Bored with common earth creatures, domain name attorney John Berryhill has apparently moved on to mythical ones.

He has successfully defended the domain names,,, and in previous UDRPs.

Now he can add (blue dragon) to the list.

Berryhill represented the owner of the domain name in a UDRP brought by Dragon Bleu, SAS, a martial arts clothing company that uses the domain name

The domain name owner bought the domain for future use for a video game. It owns a number of similar domains, some of which it has put to use.

What a curious bloke is this domain name attorney John Berryhill. Successfully defending domain names such as,,, and during a UDRP. But for which reason?
And Now he is adding, that is not even conventionally spelled. But He will put this cool domain name to good future use, at least, for a video game is quite fitting.


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