Is it worth renewing?


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I've got coming up for renewal. What do you think - is it worth renewing?


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Dumped the three I registered along with many other gtld that nobody is buying.

Unless you have a plan for it then why keep it?

It will of course get caught on the drop and sell for 6 figures.


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Dumped the three I registered along with many other gtld that nobody is buying.

Unless you have a plan for it then why keep it?

Thanks wot. My thinking is the same, but I wasn't sure. I haven't seen a single reported .desi sale, and I haven't seen any promotion of the extension by the .desi registry. Too bad, I think that the extension does have some meaning and could be a success.

It will of course get caught on the drop and sell for 6 figures.

:( Had that sort of thing happen (although not for 6 figures...)


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For how long has it been online? Some GTLDS lately focus on certain keywords that people use or like to search online. If it has attracted a lot of traffic through search engines or content then you should renew it. It also depends on the type of goods that you are promoting. Are you making any sells out of your ads?
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