is it wise to invest in .red extension ?

.red seems to be a nice little extension,

is it wise to invest in .red extension ?
red is a sacred color for asian countries and asia has 4.47 billion population, plus "red" means "net" in spanish and we hv Spain and a whole Latin America , so we have a reason to own .red but not sure, anyone ?

to me red color represents :

love, passion, eny, warning, excitement, hot, aggresive... etc,

what do u guys think, please list ur views in the reply, lookin forward to hear from y'all


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I'd stick to more established extensions like .com or .in and only put 5 or 10 percent of your investment into speculative extensions like .red. It could pay off, or more likely, you could lose all your money on .red, so don't invest anything you can't afford to lose.
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