Is it possible....?


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I was wondering, the way the things are taking abrupt turnings, are there chances that some airlines get grounded? Things are getting bad to worst, you never know what is coming up?:confused:I am keeping my fingers crossed as we have already booked our air tickets with few airlines.


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According to the news I have read about airlines in India, both Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines have already grounded some flights. Good luck with the flight you've booked; I hope it doesn't get cancelled!


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Indian airfares have just become more expensive...

I read that transaction fees are being added to all air tickets effective November 1, 2008:

According to the airline official, the transaction fee, besides regular fares, will be at least Rs 350 on domestic air tickets for the economy class and Rs 500 for business class.

The extra fee on international air tickets will be Rs 1,200-Rs.2,400 (economy), Rs 2,000-Rs 5,000 (business) and Rs 5,000-Rs.10,000 (for first class tickets).

Source: India Today Group Online


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This I have also read that the tickets will be costing more now at domestic and international flights. Is it that even we have to pay that hike though the tickets are already issued to us.


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I think it's very possible. A lot of airlines are becoming grounded. It's sad, but, it's just the way of this world.

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