Is it possible to earn by Domain parking?


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I wish to park few of my domains / i think it gets a traffic of one visitor per day [from AW Stats - of c-panel] is it possible by these domains to earn for their renewal? I wish to park either with sedo / monicker / adsense for domains


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What do the numbers mean? Do they mean your sites are weak? Do they mean other services do better? Do they mean you did a weak job setting up your sites?

Really, your claim you earned only US$2 on 150 clicks a day (on all 20 sites collectively or on each of the 20 sites?) hangs in the middle of the air. I too have about 20 sites at Noomle. I can report that I get more visits in one day to these 20 sites than I got for an entire month when these 20 sites were sitting in Sedo. At one time I reported to this board about AdSense for Domains. That system got off to a good start for my sites. But has since died down to almost no visits per day. If I move the same sites to almost any other system, the number of visits shoots up.

The original question I was trying to answer was: Which is better, Sedo, AdSense for Domains or a third choice which I have never used? Comparing Sedo, AdSense and Noomle, I see Noomle as the clear winner. That doesn't mean Noomle will make you rich. It doesn't mean Noomle will turn every site into a goldmine. It just means that of the three, one has been better (for me, at least) than the others.


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I have some websites with noomle; I have not fully developed them yet. I saw your couple of domains related to cricket and telephone system on noomle. They look good. I was wondering if they generate adsense revenue everyday or only some day and is it significantly better than parking or just little.




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How are my sites doing on Noomle? Nothing to brag about. The sites I have on Noomle are doing much better than when they or equivalent sites were on any other parking service. Much better. But they are not earning significant money.

But there is a reason for the small earnings. I put the sites on Noomle, gave them a bit of content (mostly leeched from other places) and went to sleep. In other words, for the most part, they are static sites. Static sites with duplicate content. As such, they don't get many visitors. So they don't get many clicks.

If I put some new content on the sites and posted frequently, I am certain they would do well. Noomle gives its members a chance to publish decent hybrid parked/dynamic sites. That is a wonderful offer by them. I do not blame them because I have not made full use of their offer.

The reason I have not made full use of their facilities is that I am trying to teach myself to develop sites. I plan to yank most or all of my sites off Noomle and develop them as much as my limited skills will allow. I have plans in the works and am doing something practically every day to re-make my sites on my own terms.

So you have to take into consideration that I am not the best advertisement for the use of Noomle. Noomle has been very good to me. But for my own reasons, I want to develop in another direction. If you keep your Noomle-based websites new and original, I'm sure you will get good results.


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What percentage increase did you see in income when you moved your domains to Noomle?

How much time does it take to learn their system?


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What percentage increase did you see in income when you moved your domains to Noomle?

A meaningless question. I've already reported I'm getting more clicks. I've also reported I wasn't really trying. There are too many other undefined factors in the equation to make comparisons. Were my domain names good? Were my designs good? In what way is what I did like what anyone else has done or would do?

How much time does it take to learn their system?

I got onto their system a few months ago. They have simplified a few things since then and have posted instructional videos (which I have not seen, so cannot judge). When I did it, it took two or three session to master. With the new additions, it should take less.


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A meaningless question.

I appreciate the helpfulness of your answers, but with respect, that's not a meaningless question - it's the most important one of all. We're in this to make money, not to increase clicks or anything else.


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I appreciate the helpfulness of your answers, but with respect, that's not a meaningless question - it's the most important one of all. We're in this to make money, not to increase clicks or anything else.

I like your way of showing difference of opinion - very polite yet firm and still respectful.




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Why do I call it a meaningless question?

1) I reported at the start that the income was negligible. Why would anyone want to spend time studying a technique which produces negligible results--except to learn what not to do?

2) Do you actually expect someone to report real income numbers? Even income tax collectors know most people lie on their taxes -- and the biggest liars get appointed to government positions by Obama :) To use technical terms, there is a 'response bias' to puff up income number because I might want to show off how good I am or how good I want you to think I am (called 'demand characteristics'). There is an extremely high likelihood that the income numbers people report are fake.

3) One number reported by one person in an undefined set has no meaning and cannot rationally be compared to anything else. If I made $20, for instance, in no way does that mean you too will make $20 or $19.95 or $0. I have taught statistics in undergrad and grad school. We call this n=1. One would be irresponsible to draw general conclusions from n=1.

4) My previous post scratches the surface of the conditions/variables which are operating and which I left undefined. If six (to pick a number) variables are undefined, how can you compare my results with anything else?


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Yah, it is possible to earn a passive income from parking domain names. But the amount is not significant.


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Jeff hit the nail on the head in his response

my 2cents.....................
parking is dead!
unless you have thousands of QUALITY domains its not worth parking them.
there are plenty of wordpress templates that will help you get indexed by gaagle (google) seeing parked stuff gets overlooked.

Also many of the parking companies are ripping people off and only accept 'Premium Domains' so its getting harder by the day.....and they keep 80% of the money earned from YOUR domains

example of a wordpress (parked site) i have
its all amazon so you really only need to spend a small amount of cash for the template and an hour to get things going.
1 sale earned the same as a months parking earnings

just set it up and it will do the rest, Do some SEO and hit the social networks to spread the love.

from experience the best types of sites that earn money from adsense etc. are proxy based domains and services


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The domain name industry is massive, representing billions of dollars in trading each and every year. Even more incredible is that this industry is rapidly expanding, and many new people are beginning their internet careers every year.
So there is possibility by these domains to earn for their renewal..


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As the information given above,
you can go for that which can be very much helful for you..


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one visitor per day, wont make you money...
However, Sedo is free so there is no problem in giving them a shot, especially if you are interested in selling these domains as well.
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