Is it "legit" to sell .in names?


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Hi, I have a newbie question. I could not find anything in the official rules at, so here goes:

Is is legitimate to buy .in or names with the sole purpose of selling them again? I mean, if I list them for sale and park at e.g. Sedo, do I risk that the registry will take away my entire portfolio, or is it as commercial as .com?

I am not talking about possible trademark issues that any company may come up with, but more the general issue of trading Indian domain names.

Also, I have just bought my first names with an average price of $50. Do you think this is a fair price?



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Hi Euroflash and welcome to INForum!

.IN domains are sold here and other locations such as Sedo, and the IN Registry is well aware of it. There are no rules against selling domains .in domains and it happens regularly.

The IN Registry doesn't take away domains. There is an INDRP process to deal with trademark type issues, and that process is similar to the UDRP.

Lots of people talk badly about risks of Indian domains, but I think it's mostly a bias against India. The US has had issues with state governors seizing gambling domains, federal departments seizing Cuba related domains, etc. Nothing of this sort has ever happened in India.

As for, the price varies widely depending on the quality of the domain. You should put one or two up for appraisal here and people will be able to give you a better idea.


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Hi Jeff

Thanks for the very informative answer!

Sounds good that the registry and other Indian authorities do not interfere too much.

It sure will be interesting to follow .in in the years to come.

Also thanks for suggesting asking for appraisals. I will do that later.


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