Is .Com still king in China?


Kassey Lee analyzes new data about domain name and website usage in China.

Is .com still king in China? How important is .cn? Is there any other extension worth watching in China? These are questions many domain investors may have in their minds. To answer these questions, I turn to the annual publication “China Statistical Report on Internet Development,” the latest of which was released last month.

The big picture first. China now has a whopping 772 million internet users but the figure represents only 56% of the entire Chinese population, indicating a lot of room for further growth. More internet users will drive more demand for products and services, which in turn will require more websites.

You can also look at it from the number of websites developed in China. The number has grown to 5.3 million but is still very small when compared with the approximately 90 million companies reported by the National Bureau of Statistics of China. This large gap may be due to companies not being online yet or running their business on ecommerce platforms such as Eventually, these companies will want to move to their own website to gain complete control of their business. Therefore, we can expect real demand for domains to continue for a long time in China.

Now let’s look at the domain market. The chart below shows domains registered in China since 2005. The total number of domains as of December 2017 was 38 million.


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