Is Bulk Hand-Regging Domains Worth the Time and Money Invested?


From Ali Zandi to Josh E to Rick Schwartz, it’s alway interesting and entertaining to watch industry vets do their thing — especially when the topic is hand registering domains.

It’s been almost a year since Ali Zandi went on a spree hand registering nearly 4,600 .com domains via a promotion.

And ole’ Josh from is a regular hand-reg domain type of guy that’s always down for a bulk hand-reg and quick-flip domain challenge.

As for Rick Schwartz (Domain King), he was interviewed nearly 4 years ago via about his thought process when hand-regging domains.

I distinctly remember this DomainSherpa interview — born from a DomainSherpa Challenge requesting Sherpas put their domain prowess on display hand-regging undervalued domains.

At the time, I didn’t know what to make of Rick hand-regging domains for nearly 8 hours spread across 2-3 days.

From .info to .me to .biz to .us to .com, Schwartz manually hand-regged 390 domains containing “led”, “sensors” and “custom made” keywords.

Nevertheless, about 20 minutes into the interview, Rick explains how he arrived at selecting the “custom made” keyword and used a phonebook to identify high-end or high-margin industry keywords.

Complete interview here
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