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It seems the IPL T20 and the teams are going to be commencing a lot of legal actions against infringing domains:

Fake IPL domain names to be checked | Televisionpoint.com News

BCCI recently posted on its Web site that the registration of domain names using IPL names which infringes upon its trademark and any attempt to divert web traffic could result in "civil penalties and criminal prosecution."

Of course, it would have been a lot cheaper just to buy the domain names in the first place, rather than have entire legal teams devoted to dealing with the matter after the fact.


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Ceres caught this:

Rodney Ryder,partner, Kochar & Co, the law firm of Deccan Chargers, says, "Unauthorised domain names could be used for commercial purposes leading to significant damage to brand names, cyber fraud and data fraud."

Rodney Ryder was the arbitrator for the All.in case.


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well, they did not even buy the domain that they currently use for marketing..even that was acquired from some squatter..


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I came across another article that discusses how the IPL teams are applying for various trademarks and copyrights for their brand:

Ryder says his client has been “on the defensive”, officially registering its websites to pre-empt cybersquatters who could buy domain names with team trademarks and trade them later or divert Internet traffic.

I assume they are also talking about protecting .IN domain names from cybersquatters.

There could also be situations such as the unauthorized linking of team websites to other websites.

Anyone knows what this means?

Some teams have also got copyrights for website layout design

I didn't realise you could copyright the layout/design of a website. I assume they must be very unique designs.

Another challenge, adds Ryder, will be controlling violations, if any, on fan websites. “How do you deal with this? If the fans are using and misusing your IP, do you want to get them on board or antagonize them and take them to court?

Perhaps they'll only care if the fan site is making money off their brand?

You can read the full article here.


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the problem is not with the domainers actually..its with the brands..they are supposed to buy their respective names before anyone else..but, this I am sure will be ignored by the arbitrator..
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