Investing in China's New Domain Names - With Simon Cousins

The Chinese government evaluated all the new Chinese character top-level domains (TLDs) and decided that dot Chinese online (.在线) and dot Chinese website (中文网) would earn their support and investment.

So they registered 10,226 domain names in each TLD, primarily for geographic uses, and the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has made it a requirement that all Chinese government websites must transition to fully-Chinese domain names.

With this type of government support, might these two internationalized domain names (IDNs) be attractive to non-Chinese investors? One Sherpa thinks so.

In this interview we delve into the details of why the IDNs are worthy of investment, how it all works, and how an investor would get started.

Investing in China’s New Domain Names – With Simon Cousins


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Another great show - loved learning about the chinese characters and opportunities in a whole new world!


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I do believe the Chinese registered those names in a special deal purely as a defensive move and it is highly likely very few if any will will ever see a site on them.

As for transitioning to IDN.idn then the government are referring to which is already well established and hundreds if not thousands of names are reserved simply for that purpose.

However, in the business world Chinese IDN.idn have very little traction and or or are dominant.

Just look at this years top domain name sales on DNJ or my blog and you will see what I mean.

BTW - no axe to grind, it's the way it is. I own some top notch, and have probably sold more than most, $xx,xxx but none were to Chinese buyers!


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