Interview with Rick Latona - Domainer Of The Year

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After my interview with Rick Schwartz someone asked me to interview Rick Latona. Well, I have come through again. I have been asking Rick for months to do an interview, I must have caught him on a good day last week because he finally agreed.

Besides being the 2008 Domainer Of The Year, Rick is the LARGEST domain broker in the world and most recently has been added to the TRAFFIC auction events. In his first TRAFFIC auction which was held in Brooklyn NY only two months ago Rick?s auction brought in roughly $700,000. We will find out very soon if he can top that, next TRAFFIC event is in two weeks which will be hosted in Australia.

OK, lets see what Rick has to say about some of my questions.

Q. What is your educational background?
Read the rest here...

Interview to long to post everything so please use the link above to read.


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Nice interview. Thanks Chef Patrick.

Q. What is an average day for you?
A. I often tell people I answer emails for a living. Somehow, answering emails for 10 hours a day I direct a dozen companies and get everything done.

Being able to direct many companies mainly through emails is fantastic. Latona's answer highlights how powerful the internet really is!


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