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New Member is one of my favorite domain news blog, right after my own of course. Elliot Silver has been blogging since June 2007 and has not stopped since. I really applaud him for this, it is extremely difficult to take a blog and continue writing month after month supplying new information. I am not the only one to notice, he has been awarded blog of the year 2008 by, and if memory serves me correct he won something at TRAFFIC.

Beyond his blogging Elliot is becoming a big player in the Geo domain name scene. He owns domains like and which are 2 of the top 250 populated US cities. I know what Elliot paid for, it was no joke. Elliot is a serious full time domainer, making waves and here to stay.

Q. I read the bio on your blogs, says you are a graduate of NYU, do you think your education has helped in anyway with your domaining business?
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Interview to long to post everything so please use the link above to read.


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Thanks for giving the link, it is interesting to know about how the system works.I think there is so much on net and a sincere worker can do wonders on net.

Chef Patrick

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I think there is so much on net and a sincere worker can do wonders on net.
This is what some like to call the American Dream :)

Personally, I just want to have the financial freedom to be able to work from home and enjoy my family. This is what life is about, the internet gives all of us that ability. Now it's a matter of who will take advantage of it.


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Nice interview.

Elliot Silver's blog posts are well-written and he comes across as being genuine. Not too many people in the domaining world are willing to share with others both their victories and their mistakes.

These are probably some of the reasons why Elliot's Blog is very popular. Good luck to him.


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