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I came across this interview with Rob Taylor, who has been involved in domaining for seven years. He offers some useful advice about domaining.

Interview with domainer Rob Taylor | Inside 123-reg

Some of the highlights:

One thing to bear in mind is that often domainers have a big list of names, and although the intent to develop out domains is there, sadly there is not enough hours in the day. Similarly it does cost a fair few quid to run networks of sites and thus income needs to be created from somewhere.

Often I get told that my domains are not worth more than a tenner, but when I tell them thats fine with me and point them towards or which are often free they do not want to know. Certain extensions it seems are more desirable than others, and thus have a premium attached. To me that is not artificial but just normal market forces at work.

My top advice would be to read read and then read some more. It is too easy to waste money when starting out, but if you do your research and see what mistakes others have made it can be a free education. Domaining often seems very easy when sales are published and the results of development is unveiled, but that often disguises the many hours of work that goes on behind the scenes and you need to be prepared to put in the legwork to get the rewards.


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