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hey guys,

i own approx 12 web based proxysites all .in and today i checked my adsense because my host gave me the boot for hosting proxy sites over the weekend..........kept account just removed proxy sites.

After checking my adsense i noticed that these sites actually made about $23 a day just from adsense....woohoo (havent checked in 2 months) and i noticed that i had 600 and numerous messages from google asking to pay me. :) cooooool

so i think that if you have unused proxy domains .in you should start using them.
To be honest these 12 sites kill most other adsense setups that i have and well worth telling others so they can get back the money they have spent buying the domains and get some money from g$$gle

well worth buying proxy based .in domains


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not at all,

I am a reseller for hostrocket and was using a php based proxy script and the cost works out to 25cents per day.

now im moving to a virtual server in sweden that will allow me to host proxy sites and the cost is a little more but the money for doing not much is nice so its an obvious move.
I was just shocked when i checked the adsense account for these.....really shocked
even once i parked them on sunday.....bodis is even giving me money (not as much)

just wanna let people know that there is money to be made from offering proxy services (even with just a script based) so dont park these types of domains.

if you have some.....just test 1 and submit it to a couple of proxylist sites.

better to teach a man to fish than give him a fish cuz we are all in the same boat (make money from domains) King

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I have and i think it would be a great proxy site, but i don't know how to make it into the types you use MrChris. good luck!


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