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How are premium domains doing for registries and registrars? Here’s some insight.

Radix just released some data on its premium domain sales in new top level domains for the first half of the year, and it paints a decent picture of how premium domains are doing for both registries and registrars.

From January to June 2017, people registered or renewed 727 premium domains across Radix’s portfolio of nine domains. 469 of these were new registrations and 258 were renewals.

For new registrations, Radix estimates about $640,000 in payments at the registrar level for these 469 names. All of these names have premium renewals as well. Here’s a breakdown of the revenue split for each of its top level domains:


Here’s a breakdown:

.Tech 127
.Online 124
.Space 101
.Fun 47
.Website 27
.Site 21
.Store 14
.Press 6
.Host 2

Here’s the average yearly price paid for premium domains within each TLD for new registrations the first half of this year:


And here are the top sales. Prices are estimated if Radix doesn’t know how much the registrar marked up the wholesale price. $11,467 at GMO $6,500 at Namecheap $6,499 at GoDaddy $6,499 at GoDaddy $6,499 at PDR $6,499 at GoDAddy $6,250 at $6,000 at Enom $6,000 at Enom $5,274 at Alibaba

On the renewal front, 67% of first-year premium domains that were due for renewal in the first half were renewed, representing 258 premium names and an estimated $575,000 of revenue.



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