Interesting Blog Post: The Future of the Internet Belongs to India


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Gives a very very brief history of India, and the paragraph you should be interested about:

When it comes to domain names, which is my particular area of expertise, India is also experiencing tremendous growth. India’s national domain name suffix, or “Top Level Domain”, “.in”, crossed the 1.7 million mark this April, 2015. And that is with only 20% Internet penetration. In comparison, Canada, who has nearly 93% Internet penetration, has just under 2 million “.ca” domain name registrations. If Indians continue to adopt the .in domain name TLD in proportion to the growth of Indian Internet penetration generally, then it could experience a dramatic growth, while Canada’s .ca registrations, for example, is slowing down. That being said, from the people that I spoke with, “.com” continues to be “King”, as it bears a more established prestige, and international attraction for many Indians. As reported in TheDomains, according to, average monthly domain name registrations in India has more than doubled, so that it now accounts for 4% of global registrations. That is still a far cry from the 20-22% for China, but as we saw above, it is India that is poised to overtake China as a result of its staggering growth in Internet Users.


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Thanks Ace! These 2 articles give high visibility to .in, especially because they have been written by respected people of the domaining community. I hope to see more articles like this in the future.


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I will suggest to follow the face book page closely, I really love this registry initiative. Lets encourage this one by giving a like on their facebook page or posting the constructive comments / criticism where necessary... some of you are already following, if you already following kindly ignore my post...


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