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A nice writeup by Read Write Web which looks at the state of India's innovation (with regard to web technology), and how things have changed since a year ago:

State of Innovation in India: 2009 - ReadWriteWeb

This has changed, thanks to the global financial crisis. The big outsourcing firms have hiring freezes, and some firms are laying off. "Big" no longer means "safe." Parents in India will need a while to accept this new reality. In America, many parents would advise their kids to go for start-ups when they are young and can afford to take a risk. In India, all the parents have to do is say "Yes" when their bright kid, who is no longer working for a big outsourcing firm, asks to live at home for a year with free food and bandwidth. Last year's article was written before the Satyam scam was exposed, and it rings even truer now that SWITCH has become WIT.

Three kids working together, living at home, with free food and bandwidth, can change the world.

This is a big change. But it is a below-the-radar change. We cannot see the impact yet. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of young developers will do this in India now. Most will not create a great start-up but will just keep their skills fresh and add to their CV. But one or two will do something totally awesome. The class of 2008/2009 maybe the best ever. Let's see.


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Well it might be possible in case of few extraordinarily bright kids but what about the rest of us? Most of the guys graduated with me are sitting at home without any work. They are completely baffled about their future. Everyone doesn't have potential to do something extra ordinary and I am sure almost everyone would accept it.
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