India's Most Dangerous Search Terms


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McAfee has released a report of the most dangerous search terms. McAfee searched over 2,600 popular keywords used in search engines in 2008.

In India, the top 10 terms are:

- Wapstick
- Katrina Kaif
- Orkut
- Yahoomail
- Shahid Kapur
- Rediffmail
- How to earn money
- Namitha
- Shimla
- Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

In comparison, the top 10 terms in the USA are:

- Word Unscrambler
- Lyrics
- Myspace
- Free Music Downloads
- Phelps, Weber-Gale, Jones and Lezak Win 4x100m Relay
- Free Music
- Game Cheats
- Printable Fills in Puzzles
- Free Ringtones
- Solitaire

To read more, see: McAfee Identifies the Most Dangerous and Safest Web Searches

The categories with the worst average risk profile were also lyrics sites (5.1%) and ?free? sites (7.3%).
The categories with the safest risk profile were health-related search terms and searches concerning the recent economic crisis.

Surprisingly, searches using the keyword ?Viagra,? a popular keyword that is a frequent ?visitor? in our spam filters, yielded the fewest risky sites.

It might be a good time to check that you have a good anti-virus program protecting your computer... :eek:


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