Indian speak English,it is an advantage.
From what I understand most government, university and major commerce is conducted in English!
Please correct me if I am wrong but this is from a reliable (Indian) source :)
Bodes well for strong, generic names.
From what I understand most government, university and major commerce is conducted in English!

Absolutely. Most big company and university websites don't even have local language translations. Thats likely to change in the future, but English is definitely the key language for the middle-upper classes.
Yes certainly, I think this is one of the 'key' issues that many investors in the Indian space are counting on... I know that I am.

I've focused a lot of time and effort on common English terms and phrases, especially ones used in business and Internet.

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It also makes things very interesting when you look at the phrases that English Speaking Indians use.

Just look at the difference between American English and, English-English. I think it's very important to keep in mind the dialectical differences also.
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Also, in addition to considering the nuances of how Indians have taken British English and made it their own, check out

# "Dad, time kya hua hai?" (Dad, what is the time right now?).
# "I have hazaar things on my mind right now." (I have a thousand of things on my mind right now.)
# "He's a postwalla" (he works in a post office)
# "Kiss my hote." (hote = lips)
# "I've a feeling, August, you're going to get hazaar f***ed in Madna."
Right. Many Indians speak (or write) English even better than average American or English people do.

But you will understand that yours interlocutor is an Indian because the majority of Indians pay only a little attention to the pronunciation of the English words but their grammar is perfect almost all the time.


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