Indian government- PLEASE can you be more PROACTIVE! We need investment!!


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With so many broadband initiatives going on around the world, within 5-6 years time, India will be behind yet again by about 20 years in terms of quality broadband exposure for its citizens! THIS is not going to help our situation at all!

The government are so far behind in terms of implementing decent digital policies in India, even Brazil and China are coming up to being 10 years ahead of us in terms of planning. Take a look at the links below in regards to the types investments in broadband technologies that the governments around the world are making in order to lead the race in a new digital web run knowledge economy. And where is India?! Well take a look at the wikipedia article and just look at India!!

France is going to connect is citizens to high speed fibre optic
Australia looking to connect all of its citizens to fibre optic with speeds of up to 100mbps by 2021
80% of New Zealand already connected to fibre optic and all citizens to be connected by 2019
America - 100 million American households with access to 100 Mbit/s by 2020
Similar plans for Europe

National broadband plans from around the world - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

France announces $27 billion fibre broadband network - The Times of India

National Broadband Network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ultra-Fast Broadband - Chorus

National Broadband Plan (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eircom next-gen network is future proofed for fibre-to-the-home - CEO - Ireland’s communications news service –

BUT what about India?!! What do WE HAVE planned??

A plan to connect all villages to a very low bandwidth? And we all know that a lot of that funding WILL NO DOUBT be eaten up by corrupt local councils and governments anyway, leaving probably only 50% of the funds to be used towards an old age version of secondhand fibre which will not be properly used by the village panchayats as no real training or education will be provided by the government. By 2021, India will be left with less than 1mbps as being the norm for what is termed as being "broadband" in our country! Whereas everyone in the rest of the world, including China & Brazil will be using 100mbps on a daily basis.

What a sad state of affairs, that yet again India is going to be left behind in the new digital world economy due to the prolonged and corrupt politics of India politicians and them not moving forward with their policies and funding.

The political environment of India is absolutely disgraceful! NOTHING moves forward, NOTHING gets done! I can take 5 years from the announcement of a potential policy for it to be actually implemented. Take FDI for example? What a joke that was!! Took years and years for anything to be implemented and now it has, it has ended up with so many restrictions that the major corporations have decided that the restrictions are far too time consuming and expensive to work around to even bother setting up in India! RIDICULOUS!

The government really need to make some quick policy changes in regards to improving both the quality of its digital projects in India and also education policies to improve the digital literacy of its citizens as this is very important to the future of India's economy. If India doesn't make these important changes then we could yet again be left in the dark ages for another 20 years, de ja vu - but this time rather than shortages in electricity, power cuts, no gas, no education, this time it would be low bandwidth, drops in already slow speeds, bad broadband infrastructure, lack of quality bandwidth, no access at all in some areas, ect.......all of these things will impact on India's growth story due to the fact the DIGITAL growth IS the new GLOBAL ECONOMY!

SO please INDIA GOVERNMENT, stop spending so much money on weapons and fighter planes and instead START spending on developing India into a digital economy that can match up to the rest of the world!!


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Broadband connectivity is not the problem, availability of quality content is a factor , email interception makes it difficult to do business in India if you are not well connected. Why should a person invest money online, if he or she does not get a decent return, and is harassed / framed just to force the webmaster to sell the business for a pittance?


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Thanks dnk, you are correct in saying the availability of QUALITY content is definitely a major factor! But that is one of MANY MANY DIFFERENT ISSUES and FACTORS involved in the fact that India will remain roughly 20 years BEHIND the rest of the world and other leading economies due to MASSIVE levels of corruption and disintegration of decent education!

POLICIES will take DECADES to be implemented, numerous scams involving government agencies will continue to occur and vital funding needed for digital infrastructure and education will disappear into the swiss bank accounts of our corrupt politicians, leaving India living in the medieval DARK AGES!!

And I beg to differ, BROADBAND connectivity is DEFINITELY a major issue due to the fact that all of the upcoming developments and innovations in the NEW DIGITAL age are based on a backbone of HIGH and GOOD QUALITY BANDWIDTH, for example entertainment, telemedicine, education, finance, gaming, ect......ALL of the new developments taking place in these industries are based on the assumption that bandwidth and broadband speeds of 100mbps will be the norm around the world within 10 years BUT of course this WILL NOT be the case for India which will still be trying to reach 1-10mbps in most of its areas.

If you were to look at cisco's reports, much more bandwidth is needed for the massive increase in video streaming and other "data heavy" applications such as games. PLUS the quality of video is increasing, first HD and now 4K, later 8K which require MASSIVE bandwidth! INDIA has no chance with its current broadband policies which are trying to only achieve what Europe and USA achieved in the year 2000!

India HAS TO CATCH up or else it will definitely GET LEFT BEHIND! China and other major new emerging economies are already far ahead of India, whilst our politicians argue back and forth, back and forth about tiny issues and then delay major economy changing policies for years due to elections! INDIA will remain in the dark ages in this NEW DIGITAL age due to the fact that the politicians have NOT got the balls to kick start some decent reforms in this country.

India does have massive potential BUT that is ALL it will ever have, exactly JUST THAT - POTENTIAL and nothing else, unless the government get's off its backside and start looking towards the future and implement some decent digital policies in regards to spectrum allocation and pricing, broadband initiatives, digital educational initiative to teach the youth how to use the power of the web to their advantages, and also marketing the potential of the web to business! INDIA needs to start living in the 21st century!

The super powers will be economies that can assimilate knowledge in the digital age to their advantage, a young digitally literate population, NOT countries which can gather the largest number of nuclear weapons and fighter jets.....those days are over! SO PLEASE wake up INDIA!!


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I am currently based in the UK with yearly trips to both the USA and India. One massive difference with USA / UK versus India is that my friends / family / colleagues in the UK/USA including myself, no longer watch TV through a traditional TV set. Most people I know, actually no longer even switch on their TV, everything is now viewed over the web! TV serials are watched over the web, movies are watched over the web, video calls are made over the web, newspapers are read over the web, no one really uses traditional forms of media anymore as everything in the west has now been integrated over the web and is easily accessible due to the fact that the west has a very good broadband infrastructure in place. And these aspects will only improve over the next 10 years to reach 100Mbps for every household in the west. I can guarantee that 90% of people in the west will have a minimum connection of 100Mbps (some people probably even having up to 500Mbps) due to PROACTIVE and progressive government policies.

BUT my friends / family / colleagues in India DO NOT currently have the same sort of digital lifestyle. They still read traditional paper based newspapers in the mornings, they still watch serials and movies on their TV sets and dvd players, they still make traditional phone calls rather than video calls over the web...ect..... THIS IS BECAUSE even those of them whom do have an internet connection, it is still of very poor quality, usually some sort of 3G connection through a dongle which often drops connection every few minutes, and many don't even have a connection at home yet and have to go to the local cyber cafe to just check their emails.

Indians are currently stuck with 52-256kbps connections! SO HOW could they enjoy the benefits of these new incoming innovations which assume that an end user will have a decent bandwidth??! Even if end users push for reforms, they will get at best 1Mbps-10Mbps within the next 10 years because the government JUST DO NOT CARE about the digital revolution that IS TAKING PLACE around the REST OF THE WORLD, they are too busy buying up new fighter planes for the military rather than spending funds on DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE.

India is going to be left behind in this NEW AGE, if it doesn't start pushing forward and implementing NEW policies SOON!


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Hi Friend,
I agree , India digital revolution is much behind the other major nations in the race..

Please visit this one -- Home: Bharat Broadband Network Limited, Government of India

Indian government has already started an initiative with 4 Billlion dollars , which is not comparable to what France is planning to invest due to the size of India comparing the France .

Indian government has to invest at least 50 Billion Dollars in next 5 years on Internet in order to pass the benefits of Digital economy to each citizen of the country. Please dont forget 2014 is election year which is not far from now, certainly the GOI cant take any bold decisions which cant bring them votes.. DIT in recent years has performed to the best of its abilities .. I hope the coming years things will be much better.


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@domainpundit & @Truekumar , let me know what you do for a living and where you are staying, people who stay abroad do not know the conditions in India. My business is almost 100% online, I have spent about $200,000 of my hard earned money online and if I tell you my story, you will think twice.
Few companies in the world treat their customers with as little respect as some of the internet companies in India do.


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Agree with True Kumar,
Myself Using 2G internet 80%Times which's speed is 3-4kbps ;([Some time i use 3G when ever thats available which's speed is around 100-200kbps]..
I am Belong from a Undeveloped village of india.
In my village 50% Peoples are still uneducated. They dont know what is diffrance between a Note of 1000 INR and 500 INR.
They don't know counting between 1-20...
Small kids whos age is to go to school they still work on House of Landlord.

In villages Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes cast peoples can't seat with peoples of higher cast...(I mean if higher cast persone is sitting on chair then SC / ST person is have to sit on Floor.)

Yes, Now a days Almost every one is having Mobile Phone. They match written words and call each other.

Condition is evan worst then you are thinking.


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Dnk & MObile - I am from India too.. and from a remote village too..

I have noticed many villages got transformed over last two decades and at the same time many villages are not seeing the side of light and still living in darkness..any societies are developed in the world has gone through the same cycle.. In my village we have an internet connection of 2 MBPS broadband which is beyond imagination if I go back to 10 years from now.. If a guy like me who is born and brought up in a village is able to make a difference at international forums and many others in the indian villages has the same abilities to perform.. Guys be optimistic.. if you cant believe you cant change... convert the challenges to opportunities..if the opportunities are not there create the opportunities... Its not the GOI responsibility alone, its the responsibility every citizen in India who has to work for the well being of the society.. I truly believe Corruption cant be accepted any more.. people are not the same old generations.. they knows the difference between the wrong and right... so politicians has to act as per peoples interests..

As part of the development of any society, change is inevitable.. I am quite confident next 15 years you will see a different India ..

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Yes Domainpundit, you will see SOME changes in attitudes and SOME developments taking place in education and awareness of digital literacy issues over the next 15 years in India and you are right we will see a different India in the next 15 years BUT by then the REST OF THE WORLD will also be a very different place and India will STILL be 20-25 years behind in regards to the DIGITAL RACE........we are moving far far too slowly and the government is just not spending enough on trying to push India forward in this NEW WORLD that has already started, we have even got the starting line and the rest of the world is already racing ahead!

The Indian government is spending 4 Billlion dollars on the panchayat scheme! A scheme that will enable people in villages to check their EMAILS!!! Slow speeds! Very bad deployment! And of course money swindling local politicians involved in handing out the contracts! That project is pointless when western countries are spending much more on ULTRA-FAST optic fibre to EVERY household in their country! Every citizen in these countries will be running on minimum 100mbps direct to their homes within 15 years! Whilst Indians will be struggling with 1mpbs-5mbps!

The French government is spending $26 Billion on its national optic fibre network. The Australian government is spending nearly $40 Billion it's national optic fibre network! And this is JUST the government's expenditure on increasing wider broadband bandwidth penetration to its citizens, apart from these things, the corporates are also spending BILLIONS in similar initiative in these countries! Whereas the INDIAN government still won't allow major foreign corporate to enter the indian broadband market to help with development! And if they do allow these companies to enter India, they levy them with ridiculous hefty taxes which cause them to leave India in disappointment as they are unable to make any profit!

We just cannot move forward with an IDIOTIC government in place whom just do NOT have the balls to make important changes in policies and create major new economic reforms! Look how long it took to implement FDI in India?! China implemented a decent FDI policy more than 15 years ago which enabled its economy to explode! And STILL India's FDI policy is full of really bad and unappealing clauses which scare most of the major international corporations away from even thinking about doing business in India to help it develop!

Look at the case of Amazon, it is not allowed to operate properly in India due to the clauses in FDI in regards to e-retailers! It is not allowed to set up in India and provide an example of the excellent logistics procedures it has developed over the so many years! We can learn from these companies IF they are allowed to do business in India and improve the infrastructure of our country! They have decades of experience, knowledge and research and development that they can BRING TO INDIA and help us develop as a DIGITAL NATION, but of COURSE the government hasn't got any balls to let them in to help with that, they are scared that they will monopolise businesses and take away all of the profit from local companies! COME GUYS, this is NOT going to HAPPEN! India is a big enough market for EVERYONE! Nearly 1.3 Billion people! SO LET THEM IN, they can help us move forward into the future of the DIGITAL AGE!

Did letting in foreign companies in China over 15 years ago destroy the local economy? And local businesses? NO OF COURSE IT DID NOT, it enabled capitalism to flourish in China and help China to become the second (soon to become the first) largest economy in the world!!

The INDIAN government are so backwards in regards to their policies! Its absolutely ridiculous! We should start some sort of e-petition for e-retailers in India! Get some votes and try to petition them towards making some vital changes in their policies!


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@dnk, I work for a multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It is one of the world's largest consulting firms and consistently featured in Fortune Global 500 list. But I am slowly wanting to move away from my role in consulting and start concentrating on my domain development business, eventually working towards quitting my day job and solely making a decent living from domaining and development.

So dnk, what do you do for a living then??


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The REST OF THE WORLD is preparing for a new evolutionary internet, of which the revolution has already started taking place, the future will be based on the "INTERNET OF THINGS". EVERY household in the west will be connected to the internet, various interclouds and M2M devices via high bandwidth broadband and wireless technologies! This is where the rest of the world is heading, whereas India is nowhere NEAR even the starting point of that revolution, we in India are STILL trying to get to 1mbps connections so that we can check our emails!!! This is what makes me angry and frustrated, especially in regards to the Indian government whom just seem to never deploy any decent broadband strategies or digital literacy strategies to encourage the youthful population to take part in the GLOBAL DIGITAL RACE! Instead the government stay bickering over age old concepts of religious indifferences, money-power politics, nuclear warfare, etc...etc....THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS to start living in the 21st century and developing policies and initiatives based on CURRENT needs in line with the rest of the world.

China already have a specific policy in place to account of the "internet of things". INDIA have nothing like this planned! NOTHING! India do NOT even have a decent broadband policy in place!! We ARE at least 15 years behind the rest of the world including other parts of Asia too!

'The internet of things" will rely on mass deployment of high bandwidth broadband, be it wireless of fibre optic, all of these versions including also satellite broadband will be needed in an enormous capacity for "internet of things" to actually work! AND the broadband will NEED to be of a decent level of quality, not the type of quality available in india today. Plus the speeds would need to be comparable to what the UK, Australia, Japan, China, USA ect....are planning in their policies to be available to EVERY citizen in their respective countries. This is the deciding factor which will decide as to whether India stays in the dark ages or moves with the rest of the world into the NEW DIGITAL AGE.

If you would like to know more about the "internet of things" you could read the below recent articles:

Building for the Internet of things (and the demise of the client-server model) | VentureBeat

Internet of things explained - 2/19/2013 - Electronics Weekly

2015 target for basic 'Internet of Things' structure |Business |

Cisco Hearts Internet Of Things – ReadWrite
dnk appears to be very talented and has been around for a while based on my research...

@dnk, I work for a multinationalmanagement consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. It is one of the world's largest consulting firms and consistently featured in Fortune Global 500 list. But I am slowly wanting to move away from my role in consulting and start concentrating on my domain development business, eventually working towards quitting my day job and solely making a decent living from domaining and development.

So dnk, what do you do for a living then??


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Yes he is and I always value his opinion, I value ANY opinion. All opinions are positive and enable us to gain a greater understanding in this business. We need to stick together and WORK TOGETHER to increase the value of our investments BUT we also need to understand and know about the negative points in this industry and not live on false hopes of becoming millionaires overnight right?


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Yes he is and I always value his opinion, I value ANY opinion. All opinions are positive and enable us to gain a greater understanding in this business. We need to stick together and WORK TOGETHER to increase the value of our investments BUT we also need to understand and know about the negative points in this industry and not live on false hopes of becoming millionaires overnight right?

I think it's a she :rolleyes:
Good share guys... good information here....

Whatever our internet speed may be, india is growing well.. i can see the usage of internet is just growing every second.... We can get a general idea with our .in and developed sites.... Im just seeing uptrends in traffic... Internet usage is so much this days and its just a Start... cant imagine after 5 to 10 years how things will be....

If your site is getting 100 visits a day, im sure after 5 years it will be 1000 or more... for any small things this days people are using internet..

yes internet speed is a concern, but things are improving day by day. i know things are way to slow than rest of the world, but thats how india is..


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This below article is VERY INTERESTING and lists a lot of the most important reasons as to exactly WHY India is so far behind in regards to digital literacy and usage of the web compared to China, USA, UK and MOST of the REST OF THE WORLD. Please read it and check it out guys:

Why language is the key to winning India


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@Truekumar , it is better you work on your domains part time. If you develop domains full time, the business/websites will belong to your "NRI relatives" and you will be subjected to identity theft attempts.
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