INDIAN DOMAINS AUCTION starts tomorrow at 4:00 PM EST. Subscriptions already ended.

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    The Indian Domains Auction Festival starts tomorrow at 4:00 PM EST. The subscriptions already ended.
    We welcome all the visitors to this auction and if you have the speakers on the hears you listen a great indian music provided by an indian domainer.

    We don´t need criticism but work and ideas and what we are doing with India Domains we already made with .info domains and we will make with the next auction dedicated with China Domains that starts next Feb. 7.

    Regarding a certain criticism "fare niente" style let´s put the guns in the pocket and work hardly to promote india domains and other discriminated domains. We have just a few of then but overall we do it as i feel Indian domains are very ignored by brokers and some other domainers.

    To see the auction properly just look to the left side of the front page and find a text announcing the auction and click here it is writen "clik here", then you just vsit the auction and the four pages of it.

    Thanks for your visit.