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You may know him from DomainX or other conferences - Indian domainer Pankaj Vijayvargiya has been profiled in detail at

One such entrepreneur is Indore’s Pankaj Vijayvargiya, an award-winning domain investor who sells domain names under the brand umbrella of Bitlevel International. With a small team of five people, Pankaj has managed to make a name for this startup in a short span of time. He was recently selected as a participating tech entrepreneur by the German ministry of economic affairs and energy (BMWi), sponsored by the Government of Germany and supported by DIPP, Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Government of India for an extensive one-month visit to Germany. He was one of the 20 entrepreneurs from various fields who were selected for this delegation to facilitate international business between India and Germany. We caught up with him to get some trade secrets of the domain name selling business.

A surprisingly well written article for a non-industry publication - I was very impressed.
Another article about him -

He then successfully got his hands on Domain Investment and trades in the network assets online. With time, his portfolio of domains grew to a massive 30,000 domain names and today he owns several high-value premium domain names such as,, Cashew. in, and Sarcasm. in.
Thanks, I found valuable information in the link. I agree that expired domains are gem. For a quick flip, try contacting the related businesses......


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