Indian domain growth reaches 12% in last 3 years


Based on this article, India has the highest rate of domain growth in the world at 12%. The gTLDs are used more than the local extensions, and most are used for websites or businesses. On the other hand, the domain penetration number (defined as number of domains names per 100 users) is only 1.1%.

What are your thoughts about this?


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It's amazing how India's economy has spiked a lot over the past few years! I remember being quite fondly interested in India's culture and economy, seeing that I would like to visit sometime in the future.


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It is encouraging that India has surpassed the global average of 8.7%. This is phenomenal and I hope that with this growth, we are getting quality domains as well. Like the article mentions, there is a good impact on small and medium businesses, if the domain names are used effectively.
Its feels good to see some positive comments on the the growth of Indian economy, Indian has been progressively improving not in the IT field but also has shown consistent improvement in the major fields like Agriculture, science and tech.At this rate of improvement India i surely gonna hit the list of top 10 countries by 2025.

Proud to be an Indian


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This is very encouraging sign for the Indian digital era. Lot of younger generation realized the power of the internet and making full use of it. Internet should reach much more people in India .


The growth is indeed inspiring and expected, given how India provides more support to spread the technology. I'm interested in the penetration number, though. It seems as if even though it's vastly available across the country, only a handful of people use it. It would be able to help the business to grow more if they can reach out to more people. I wonder what is the cause for this small penetration number.


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