Indian companies to apply for at least 50 new gTLDs the biggest of which is .TATA
i was looking for some other article related to TATA IPR & TM for a thread posted here.. good work ;)
I don't like this "new extensions" revolution going on . Offcourse Bhavin likes it because it makes him more money.
He is looking at some great extensions:

.web .shop .bank .law .music .news .blog .movie .baby .store .doctor .hotel .play .home .site .website .click .online .one .ping .space .world .press .chat .city .deals .insurance .loans .app .host .hosting

Here's my breakdown of it:

Fees Involved:

Application Fee to ICANN - $185,000 one time (FIXED)
Consulting Fees ~ $25,000 one time (VARIABLE)
Legal Fees ~ 50,000 one time(VARIABLE)
Launch Fees ~ $25,000 one time (VARIABLE)

Annual ICANN fee - $25,000 per year (FIXED)

Registry Back end ~ $50,000 per year (VARIABLE)
Annual Misc Expenses / Undetermined Costs ~ $50,000 per year (VARIABLE)

TOTAL 1 YEAR COST: ~ $385,000
TOTAL 5 YEAR COST: ~ $885,000
TOTAL 10 YEAR COST: ~ $1,510,000

$USD 1.51M x 31 gTLD extenstions = $USD 46.81M


In order to recoup their investment over a 10 year period @$10 USD a domain, they will need to sell approx 4.7M Domains / or approx 1280 domains a day!!!
Be nice to see some trending reports on any recent gTLD releases? Maybe an insider can shed some more light on this .....


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