Indian Bank Wins in WIPO case


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Kotak Mahindra Bank won the domain in a WIPO URDP case.

The bank owns a trademark for "Kotak" (I assume in association with banking/financial services etc). The respondent did not file a response to the complaint.

The WIPO panel stated:

The Complainant's trademark KOTAK appears to be a coined term, and one that has absolutely no recognizable meaning either in English or in Korean.
Isn't Kotak used as a surname in India (which is where the bank's registered office is located). Can anyone confirm this?

In any event, using both "Kotak" and "bank" in the domain name seems to indicate that this is indeed a bad faith registration (there was no evidence showing the respondent had a legitimate interest in using the disputed domain).


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Ceres I had my salary account with Kotak Bank while I was working in my previous company... Its a good new generation bank, although not having much branches in my state... But its a really good bank in my view point.. is their address as of now and their head office is at Bombay... I know they have their presence at NY, london, dubai too... Too my knowledge the bank is called as Kotak Mahindra Bank...

Still we all in my office used to call it as Kotak bank . So I have no wonder why they won the case...


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Old post but am a newbie so just came across this...WIPO ADR is good to resolve domain disputes..better and faster than Indian courts. I think the domain names for timesofindia and economictimes were aslo cybersquatted and were resolved by WIPO.


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