Indian Airports: 'Online' Lost and Found List


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A lost and found list is now provided on the CISF website. The list provides details of items lost by passengers at airports in India. Reaching airport administration via the telephone in most countries is a challenge, so this online list is a real time-saver!

A passenger can easily access the list. For example, on the 8th October 2009, we can see that 9 mobiles, 2 laptops and 1 digital camera were lost and found at Mumbai Airport :eek:. To claim an item, the passenger needs to contact the person in charge via the email/telephone number that's provided on the website.

It's great that India is implementing such useful online initiatives.

:p The only thing I've ever lost at an airport is my temper (which is quite rare for me). What have you lost at the airport? :)
Wouldn't you know... I lost 9 mobiles, 2 laptops and 1 digital camera at Mumbai Airport on 8th October.... ;)


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