India Supreme Court: Get Tough With Students Who Cheat


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I read an article on Yahoo News about India's Supreme Court wanting authorities to use an 'iron hand' when dealing with students who cheat.

If our country is to progress we must maintain high educational standards, and this is only possible if malpractices in examinations in educational institutions are curbed with an iron hand," the apex court observed. A bench of Justices Altamas Kabir and Markandeya Katju also ruled that even if an unauthorised chit is merely found in the possession it is deemed to be a malpractice, irrespective of the fact whether the student had copied from the said chit.

According to, there are three main reasons why students cheat:

(1) pressure to get good grades;
(2) being unprepared; or
(3) the challenge of trying to get away with it.

I think number 1 above is probably a common problem.


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What I feel that students are not ready to work with sincerity not even a bit of it. They lead superfluous lives, what they feel is hat they can have good results even without hard work. That is why so many malpractices are prevalent in examination system. Hard work always pays.


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I agree that cheating is wrong. No matter how much pressure a student is under, it's not the way to address his or her problems.

Unfortunately, I've read many articles about cheating happening all over the world. The fact that it keeps happening means not enough is being done to deter students. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what impact India's tougher laws will have on students.

As you say Sanju123, hard work pays off and I am sure there are many students out there that DON'T cheat and end up doing well.


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That is true, its only a hardworking person who finally shines. These people who indulge into cheating and all don't have any kind of future and they endup as wrecks.
Ceres as you are saying that cheating is done all over the world, is it there in these advanced Western countries, isn't their examination system different than ours?


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I'm not sure about the different examination systems between India and other countries. However, you can read an interesting article about cheating at university level in USA and Canada at: The great university cheating scandal | which states:

The numbers on academic misconduct at both Canadian and American post-secondary institutions are startling. The Guelph report puts the percentage of Canadian students engaging in serious cheating on written work at 53 per cent. In the U.S., according to some studies, 70 per cent of students admit to cheating in one form or another.

A 2005 New England Journal of Medicine paper suggests, for example, that doctors disciplined by state medical boards are three times more likely to have been singled out for unprofessional behaviour while at medical school.


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These are quite shocking facts, what I had in my mind that it is in our country only the education system is crumbling down.But from the above information the picture is completely different now.Thanks again, for the revelations.


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