India rises past the US to become the internet's second biggest user


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In 2016, the highlight picked out by Meeker, partner at venture capital firm KPCB, is India's accelerating growth of user numbers in an otherwise decelerating market. She notes that, at 277 million, India's connected population is now greater than that of the United States and second only to China. This has come off the back of 40 percent growth over the past year, during which time the rest of the world has only inched up by 7 percent. India is now so big, in fact, that just by itself it adds 2 percentage points to the world's internet user growth.

India has been the next big opportunity for many years now, going as far back as Nokia's Asha series, which aimed to "connect the next billion" under Stephen Elop. Google picked up the chase for the next billion under Sundar Pichai, himself of Indian heritage, and Facebook's controversial initiative also focused on India. Most recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook was doing a tour of the country and announcing the setting up of an app development accelerator in Bangalore and a new research center in Hyderabad. All these efforts have been in anticipation of the present boom in internet use in the country.

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In my opinion, the substantial growth of e-commerce and domain development industry among others internet related businesses contributed greatly in boosting the number of indian internet users. A 40 percent growth over the past year is a clear indication towards an immense Industrial development in the country.


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