India Crosses 350 Million Internet Users | Adds 100 Million Internet Users in Less than 1 Year


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Adds 100 Million Internet Users in Less than 1 Year

/ (200 Million to 300 Million+)

Global Rankings (by Number of Internet Users):

(1) China: 705 Million

(2) India: 354 Million

India Internet User Growth:

Jun 30, 2015: 354 Million (UP 17% in the 6 Months from Dec 31, 2014)

Dec 31, 2014: 302 Million (UP 32% in the 12 Months from Dec 31, 2013)

Dec 31, 2013: 229 Million

IAMAI (The 'Internet And Mobile Association of India') via

Neha Alawadhi / The Economic Times >>

"While it took more than a decade for the user base to increase from 10 million to 100 million, and three years to cross the 200 million mark, it took only a year for the user base to swell to 300 million from 200 million."

"The base had grown to 302 million by the end of 2014 after clocking its fastest rise of 32% in a year, as per IAMAI, which includes members such as
Google, Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, IBM, Flipkart, Ola and LinkedIn."

------------------------------ excerpts:

India’s internet user base 354 million, registers 17% growth in first 6 months of 2015: IAMAI report

By Neha Alawadhi, ET Bureau | 3 Sep, 2015, 03.28AM IST

Tags: Microsoft | Linkedin | Internet and Mobile Association of India | IBM | Google | Flipkart

NEW DELHI: India's internet user base grew over 17% in the first six months of this year to 354 million [...]


IAMAI said that increase in local language content will lead to a growth of 39% in internet user base, with rural India being the primary driver of this growth (75%) while urban India will grow at 16%.

The local language user base grew 47% to reach 127 million in June.

IAMAI said that the next set of internet users will come from rural India and the availability of local language content on internet will be the key for the growth of internet industry in India.


[ See More:

Neha Alawadhi's full article:

The original IAMAI press release:

IAMAI official website:


'The Economic Times' APP download:

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Now this is what i call DELICIOUS news.

Just wait on it!!!!! thats what am doing. Let India keep growing and i'll wait on her.


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