.IN Registration Promo Extended till 30th NOV,2010

.IN Registry extended their current promo till 30 Nov., 2010 .

Enjoy Lowest pricing at Mitsu.

P.S.: Renewal promo is also expected , let's hope for the best.


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I appreciate the lowest pricing at Mitsu, but I wish the Registry's promo would end.


IMHO a promo should be a promo.. So it should not last more than a couple of month.
On the other side a promo on renewals would be very appreciated and would help the extension.
We as .IN Registrar trying very hard to get renewal promo from registry, And probably we are the only .IN Registrar who is pushing forward this issue with registry and it all board of directors.

Sanjeev Goyal (Founder Mitsu) is in constant touch with .IN registry and it's board members to get the renewal promo and we hope that some fruitful results will come as we got some indication from registry.

Rest assured we are your voice at .IN Registry, whenever you put some concern we immediately take it to registry.

If you have any specific issue with registry then just PM us we will surely take your issue up to highest level, no matter your are Mitsu's client or not ,for us important thing is that you are member of INForum.

If you have any technical query regarding your .IN domains you can also PM us. Your ideas and comments always welcome.


I think it is a good thing. 75Rs is great because you don't risk much and it gives a whole year to see if it's valuable. It would better as a coupon system, people will feel like they are getting a better deal.

Fact is that when they do raise the new reg fee of .in's to say 500Rs, new reg's will slow down considerably.
How many .in's are now reg'ed? Is it only a million?

What needs to be done is some better promotions. Like with .co "LAND RUSH" seemed to work. Right now it's the 'India domain land rush!' but people don't seem to know about it. Also in India, the invest community needs to get the idea too. Mitsu should hire some Indian writers to write articles for the Indian newspaper expounding the value of .in as a 'land rush investment.' This could take off like wild fire in India, more of a question of when then if.


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A renewal promo is badly needed.
The continuation of the registration promo is going to harm the .IN scape in the long run.


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There will not be a renewal promo. We have been hearing the same thing for more than 2 years.
If you really want to keep your names without paying through your nose, as a senior member here said, drop them and re-register them at promo price


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I agree with meditang, that's really bad news for the .IN market, I haven't focus on the .IN domains for a long time this year.


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