.IN New Registration Promo - April to Dec 2013

@ Mitsu, It would be nice if your promotions also provides something for renewals. It would definitely retain the loyal customers and also help in keeping the renewal numbers up. Just a thought.

Edit. Just realized that there was a renewal promo running. I intended to say promo pricing for 1 year if possible :)

Mitsu will announce Promo details on 31st March.2013
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We will announce today late in the evening (India time) , our pricing wll be around USD 3.40....

P.S. : due to holiday on 31st same is delayed slightly.


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It would be great if such a promo were advertised with an incisive TV and billboard campaign throughout India. That would surely help boost the number of .IN registrations.


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I strongly recommend registry reducing the whole sale prices of domain renewals forever , not a promo .. reduction of the whole sale price of .In name at least 100 Rs and make it 250 Rs per name.

There are plenty of GTLDs competiting today and its going to be flooded with 100's of extension ( some of these may offer 2 to 3 $ per year names for ever..etc) , please note without a doubt Indian consumers are all after cost. If registry is serious about encouraging the Indian consumers to use the .IN as a preferred extension , they need to also make it more affordable than other GTLD competiors like .COM / .NET / . ORG ..etc . Reigstars can only offer reduced prices provided the wholesale prices come down significantly.

Registry should promote promos with TV commercials..etc, if Bigrock.in kind of registrars are able to afford for TV commercials and other promotions ( social networking sites..etc) , why cant a non profitable registry who is collecting a decent money per name cant spend money to promote the extension to make additional money.

Also I encourage registry to be more transparent by publicly announcing the number of domains registered..etc

Just look into the Mobile industry stats, 60 % of the mobile consumers are using a handset which is worth less 2000 Rs , almost 85 % of the consumers are holding a handset worth less than 4000 INR. Reducing the whole prices will make more consumers preferring .in names and which in turn help to keep the numbers up, registry in any means make more money while benefiting the internet industry in India a lot.

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