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Inbackorder is here with the much-needed update on the current drop situation for the INForum community, some new product launches, future plans, and a new promo. Read on:

  1. Drop Update: As most of you might already know, there had been a complete halt on the dropping of .in domains since last one month after their expiry, due to the backend changes by the registry. Things seem to have settled now with the drops being resumed again normally as before. However, we are watching the situation closely as there might be more changes down the line in terms of dropping process.

  2. Introducing a new ULTIMATE tier: Our customers have been asking us for a possibility to get priority access for the ultra-premium domains. Since we are always against auctions, the only way was to introduce a higher tier. With that now, domains that are ultra-competitive to order, can specifically be ordered within the first 5 days of them being available to backorder before others under the new Ultimate tier at an additional cost. Your favorite Premium and Standard backorder tiers remain at the same price as before. You can read more about the updated tiers at: https://inbackorder.com/product.

  3. Cleaning Up of User Database: We’ve cleaned up our user database to remove spam and inactive users which should result in a better and faster website experience. However, if your account is not found or you can not log in, please create a new account with your existing email. Kindly contact support if you need any assistance with that.

  4. Current and Future Updates: We have currently halted the email delivery of our daily handpicked list. We will resume it soon with a better newsletter subscription mechanism so that only the users who are interested, would receive the mails. In the meantime ofcourse, the list would be updated every day on the website on the usual time for everyone to access: https://inbackorder.com/list/

    We’re also working on to revamp our bulk search tool which will enable you to search and order domains from all categories on one unified page. Furthermore, We are working hard to roll out more technical updates in the coming months to better serve our customers in a flawless way. More exciting things are on their way!

  5. April Promo: And finally, this month, we’re offering all our users a flat discount of 10% on all standard and premium orders through the entire month of April 2019. Just use the coupon code “AprilOffer” during checkout to avail the promo.
Lastly, since some of the newly deployed features or products might still be under beta phase, so please feel free to inform us if you find any bugs or issues with them. We’re thankful to our ever-growing loyal user base from INForum for their feedback and suggestions that made us thrive to constantly improve our services and add useful features – It would not have been possible without you. Stay tuned for more updates and news.

As always, your all questions, suggestions, feedback, and bug reports are welcome – feel contact your account manager at: support -at- inbackorder.com anytime.

Team iNBackorder
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