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To All Members,
Pubdomains is pleased to announce great discounts on Domain Registration Prices. If you have been thinking of buying .IN, .CO.IN, .GEN.in or other 3rd level .IN domains as well as .MOBI, .ORG, .US, or .TV please visit Pubdomains.in to get never before rates for these domains extensions!

The Promotion would end on 29th June 2009 - so rush to avail this opportunity to register your domains at rock bottom prices.

Current Promotion Rates for .IN / 3rd Level .IN

.IN For $3.35

3rd Level .IN - $3.35

Current Promotion Rates for .MOBI, .TV, .ORG and .US domain extensions

.MOBI - $9.15
.TV - $21.90
.US - $4.95
.ORG - $7.95

Drop me a note if you have any query or need any more information.



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Re: Examples of endusers buying .IN domains

And yesterday calm.in was registered for $3.35 @ pubdomains.in :) I wouldn't have imagined that this domain was available!!!


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How reliable is your website? Are our domains safe with PubDomains?
Pubdomains.in has been in business as resellers since 2007 - and we are here to stay. As you would have noticed, major domain registrars in India - are operating out of logicbox setup, so the backend is all maintained and managed by LB, while we manage the frontend, do the marketing and promotions.

We are not a fly by night operator, so rest assured, your domains are with you - not with us to play around with them. You own them 100% !!!



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Phew - I missed this post somewhere and couldn't respond - hope it is not too late @ Chandan - .INFO is available for $1.99 + 18 cents @ Pubdomains.com: Domain Name Registration & Transfer. Get Your Domain now.

Announcing further price reduction on .IN before the prices are hiked up by end of August - so you all are welcome to register .IN at $3.15 / domain.

*Please note that paypal charges approx 3% + 30 cent for each transaction, so add that cost over and above the domain price or you can also do a bank transfer to ICICI / HDFC and avoid paying extra fees. Bank Details available on request.

You may also opt to buy .IN domains @ $3.00 by enrolling as a reseller!

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