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DaaZ.com is looking to run a dedicated .IN Auctions for .IN domain name investors:

Only the registered DaaZ.com members are allowed to participate into that, so please sign-up (https://daaz.com/register)

Submission Notes:
1) 6 names max per domainer (Example Categories mentioned below)
2) Reserve prices are allowed, however we encourage community members to quote the realistic reserve prices
3) Last date of Submission: 27th June 2020 (GMT time zone considered)
4) Email the 6 best names to auctions@DaaZ.com along with the reserve prices (if any). Feel free to PM the list as an alternative option.

How the names will be selected?
1) A panel of 6 proven .IN experts (with an avg domain name invest experience of 10+ years each) will review the names and will handpick the quality names
2) DaaZ.com expert panel selection process is final , this is a private auction conducted by DaaZ.com , so we will not explain why a name selected or not selected (Unfortunately we are resource constrained , please do not ask the questions like why my name is not selected. Etc? )
Fees Involved:
1) Zero submission fees.
2) 8 % success Fee
Feel free to contact Auctions@DaaZ.com for any further questions you may have.


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