Important domain Industry updates from the month of October


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Domain investors tend to miss some of the major updates from the industry because of their hectic schedule. Hence this is my attempt to wrap up some of the important updates from the month of October and save precious time .

Million Dollars Month : sold for $2M while fetches $1.2M
This month witnessed two 7-figure transactions with selling for $2miilion and, for $1.2Million. was being brokered by Sharjil Saleem and probably fetched an appropriate price considering the fact that ETH is short form for Ethereum whose market is rising exponentially. MyWorld on the other hand is a two word domain and is definitely one of those highly memorable names but $1.2Million is in my opinion a bit overpriced affair. Great deal indeed for the seller. launches API for anyone to integrate it with their website.
One of the world’s largest Escrow company and definitely the most trusted in domain name industry, has announced the launch of its API for the public use. The API is still in its beta phase but it’s open for all to experiment. Jackson Elsegood, General Manager of mentions in his email to announce the launch of the API as “One of the biggest announcement made by in its 18 years of business. ”

See the highlightsof the month here



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