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My new Indian-Dating-Site iii.in is online Now!

New Design!! All Features are 100%Free for all Members!

Opinions? ;)

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Really nice design on a great domain name - I like it!

Good luck with this.


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Hi Thomas,

I think the design looks fabulous ? very professional.

One minor issue: I came across paragraphs of white text with an orange background, which I found a little hard to read but perhaps my eyes aren't so good!

In case you're interested, below is a link to a handy colour contrast tool where you can test foreground and background colour combinations:


Good luck with your new site!
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hey Tomko,
your site is really good! and i must admit it as its the only indian dating site where indian people can find real members and each of them have a success story to tell, while i was hunting other indian dating sites like datingfunda.com and some others and hung up with phone numbers of prostitutes and scammers using fake profiles and misleading information. so i will give you a salute to be able to make an indian dating site with real members, your marketing skills were really effective and this proves itself.

by the way,what script you used for the site? i am also gonna make 2 free dating sites in the upcoming months but im not finding any good script to start with! can you help?
dont forget to send PM!

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Fabulous website!!!! If it weren't for the fact that I am in a wonderful relationship and I am not in India, I'd give it a spin ;-)

Two questions:

What about NRIs? Do you also handle non-resident Indians? By home country? How do they sort themselves out on your website?

Have you had any problems dealing with same sex relationships? Have opponents of same sex relationships made problems? Dealing with same sex relationships on a dating website in India cries out for publication (coverage by the press/media)....which leads to more recognition....which leads to more customers.


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My new Indian-Dating-Site iii.in is online Now!
New Design!! All Features are 100%Free for all Members at the beginning!

Opinions? ;)

Hi Tomko,

I like your Free-Dating-Site. I think the design is great and professional, indeed. Nice to see a site that offers Free online dating, free chatting, etc.


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Great design, I love it! This is one of the most beautiful projects in the Indian www, I wish you guys the best of luck, seems like a great business.
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