Igloo partners with TLDTraders to sell over 300 .co domains


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Igloo.com announced recently that it has partnered with TLDTraders to sell one of the largest portfolios of three-letter .co domain names.
They made a press release as follows:

Igloo.com, a leading broker of ultra premium domain names and websites announced today that they have entered an exclusive relationship with TLDtraders to sell their domain portfolio consisting of over 300 three-letter .co domains and several other highly marketable and brandable dictionary and keyword domain names. Verticals include finance, technology and business.

Established in 2000, TLDtraders is an Internet seed and investment development firm that funds, develops, and operates a network of leading online products and services for their partners and clients. They invest in and develop incredibly valuable domain names, and back start-ups helping them progress to profitable business launches. With an alliance of over 200 developers and marketing/sales specialists TLDtraders backs good ideas, people, and companies by providing them with funding, expert development and marketing.

Currently TLDtraders is one of the world’s largest owners of three-letter .co domains. Highly marketable and easy to remember, three-letter domain names, often referred to as LLLs have a variety of meanings and can be used as an acronym or simply a short brandable name. Short, memorable domain names can instantly bring credibility to your company’s online presence and command a certain authority in the eyes of the consumer. Amanda Waltz, VP of Sales and Acquisitions at Igloo.com states that, “LLL domain names not only provide instant credibility to an existing company looking to shorten their URL, or to a new company leveraging the dynamic nature of a three-letter combination, but also provide built-in asset protection on the buyer’s upfront investment as three-letter domain names will only appreciate in value over time.”

The letters CO are globally recognized as the acronym for “company” and the .co domain extension is currently being widely used by innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide including Founders Institute FI.CO, Global Accelorator Network GAN.CO, Vine VINE.CO and more as you’ll see here. The .co domain extension offers companies a global option for branding their online presence. Additionally, ownership of a .co domain comes with access to a wide business support system and community, and free access to the .co membership program which provides its members special perks specifically designed to help their business succeed.


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