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Here is an excerpt of an article from Online Domain, whose owner Konstantinos received an enquiry in which the owner himself is confused with their domain name:

I have found out that in countries that allow both first level registrations like .hk and second level registrations like .com.hk for years, people tend to either remember .com or .hk when presented with a .com.hk url. So their customers are either typing .hk going to a not found page or they are typing .com that takes them to a webpage owned by a totally different company in some other part of the planet.

To make matters worse their “contact us” page lists the wrong email address for the company. They have written info@**********.com instead of info@**********.com.hk. And the email address link is wrong too. I checked archive.org and the email address is wrong for at least a year now. No one has discovered the mistake.


Well, a precaution here:

If you are using a second level domain name, remember to check the email address on the website is correct. Also, it's better to own the first level name together with the second one.

Like, if you are using .co.in, its always good to own the matching .in also. That's my personal opinion.


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