If I Had Just Started With Domain Names Today, I Don’t Think I Would Make It


When I started in this industry it was the year 2000. The Internet looked very different than it does today, and people were just starting to get acquainted with Google. Search engine optimization was a lot easier to do with most people not having even heard of the term “SEO”.

Back then, as a website owner, you were able to take advantage of certain techniques which could easily put you ahead of the majority. Compared to today, there was little competition out there. Thanks to Godaddy, Google AdSense, and Search Engine Optimization, I was able to buy domain names and make them into websites, originally using “Website Tonight”, a site builder Godaddy still sells today under its new name, “Website Builder”, a click and build software tool for the novice. With SEO, I was able to get the website found, and was able to make money from people clicking on the ads when they got there with Google AdSense (back then, Google just matched the ads to the content, that was it – there was no search history and re-marketing or user historical interest targeting going on). I had effectively found something to make (the website) valuable (the clicks).

It was an instant business and its success grew with time and all I wanted was more, larger websites, with more and more pages.
This evening I came across a thread on NamesPros.com titled, “there’s no money in domain names.. this industry full of bullsh*t” with many reply’s reflecting disagreement with the poster of the message who is obviously frustrated with his – less then stellar domain sales. The simple answer is that nothing good is easy and staring at domain sales charts all the time can be misleading and could create somewhat of an ‘illusion’ that I myself have fallen for many times over.

  • Where are ‘my’ hundred-thousand dollar domain sales?
  • Why aren’t I flipping my domains for astronomical profits?

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