Ideal Percentage of Content to Monetized Material


I think most creators agree that it's important to focus on good content first that is interesting and well written. Content is what draws the reader in. Monetization is also important to many people since creating content takes time and maintaining a website can be labor intensive, plus there are fees involved like paying for hosting. What percentage of content to monetized material do you think is the most effective for both keeping your audience and maximizing your profits?


What type of media is involved? The answer is different if you're talking about social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter versus a video site like YouTube versus a blog or forum versus an article site like content forms. For the most part, I think you can monetize the heck out of something after you've produced good evergreen content over time.


Domainant, my boss put me in charge of setting up our groups social media account. Everything looks good, except he thinks every post should be an advertisement about our services. That will just sound shilltastic and will turn potential customers off. How many casual posts should there be when compared to marketing posts. What is the appropriate ratio?


Hey Foroux, I have some experience with this and while it's not a hard fast rule, I try to post about 80% casual, shareable content that will connect with our demographic. I keep business information and promos down to 15%. The remaining 5% goes to customer service help or reviews. We don't have a lot of problems or I'd post more customer service information. It isn't black and white as to when you should hype your business, but I agree with you that a bunch of advertisement posts will look shilltastic. Just don't forget what we learned from JackD. about using hashtags and keywords. :D

You could show your boss some excellent business social media pages to get him on board.
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