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The thing with online business is that it can be started with a very small investment.
I started my domaining business with an investment of $25 or roughly 1,500 Indian Rupee.

I remember searching for promo codes to buy as many domains in the $25 that I had to invest.
I bought 4 domains and could sell none of them for the next 6 months. Which is when I realized that they were useless.
And I made another $50 investment to hand register the next 10 domains.

I managed to sell one of them for $250 and another one for $99.
That was the total investment made(in terms of money) from start.
From then on, I follow the 60-40 rule.
I keep 60% of the profits and reinvest the rest 40%.
Since I mostly deal in hand registrations, this model works for me.

So, a good research and an initial investment of $100 is enough to start with, according to me.

Your thoughts?


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Wasn't quite as successful with the start of my domain business but I do agree with your thoughts. Does not take a lot of money to start domaining and making a profit. If you are willing to put in the time for research then you can make money. If you are willing to put in the time for research and marketing, then you can make more money. Hand regging domains is not as easy as it was when I first started in 2004 but it can still be done with some nice hidden gems. You just have to look, be patient and be disciplined. It is too easy to get caught up in the moment and buy domains that you like but will not sell. I still have a few of those!
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