Icann reveals new internet top-level domain name claims


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The full list of submissions for new internet address endings has been published by the organisation co-ordinating the expansion.

Full list HERE

List of Domains applied by Indian companies:

AIRTEL Bharti Airtel Limited
BHARTI Bharti Enterprises (Holding) Private Limited
DABUR Dabur India Limited
IDN Nameshop
INDIANS Reliance Industries Limited
INFOSYS Infosys Limited
INFY Infosys Limited
PING DotPing Inc.
RELIANCE Reliance Industries Limited
RIL Reliance Industries Limited
SHRIRAM Shriram Capital Ltd.
STAR Star India Private Limited
TATAMOTORS Tata Motors Ltd

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You seems to have missed the Directi list. They will rock the new gTLD space if they manage to finally get even half of the list, as for each string there are multiple applications.

APPWebera Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshiwebera@radixregistry.com1-1289-59445
BABYDotBaby Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotbaby@radixregistry.com1-1054-95858
BANKDotsecure Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotbank@radixregistry.com1-1053-59307
BLOGPersonals TLD Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotdating@radixregistry.com1-1661-34613
CHATIM TLD Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotchat@radixregistry.com1-1064-17982
CITYDotCity Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotcity@radixregistry.com1-1066-67099
CLICKDotClick Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotclick@radixregistry.com1-1068-4952
DEALSDotDeals Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotdeals@radixregistry.com1-1056-93782
DOCTORDotMedico TLD Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotdoctor@radixregistry.com1-1060-13366
HOMEDotHome Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidothome@radixregistry.com1-1049-60075
HOSTDotHost Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidothost@radixregistry.com1-1061-73671
HOSTINGDottransfer Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotlawyer@radixregistry.com1-1286-14385
HOTELDotHotel Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidothotel@radixregistry.com1-1059-97519
INSURANCEDotfresh Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotinsurance@radixregistry.com1-1063-32835
LAWDotmaker Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotlaw@radixregistry.com1-1055-21389
LOANSDotserve Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotloans@radixregistry.com1-1065-49761
MOVIEWebdeus Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshiwebdeus@radixregistry.com1-1290-2671
MUSICDotMusic Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Sunil Joshidotmusic@radixregistry.com1-1058-25065
NEWSDotNews Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotnews@radixregistry.com1-1057-44086
ONEDotAbout Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotone@radixregistry.com1-1073-19391
ONLINEDotOnline Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotonline@radixregistry.com1-1070-97873
PLAYEntertainment TLD Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotplay@radixregistry.com1-1067-89443
PRESSDotPress Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotpress@radixregistry.com1-1062-36956
SHOPDotShop Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotshop@radixregistry.com1-1051-32260
SITEDotSite Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotsite@radixregistry.com1-1048-46315
SPACEDotSpace Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotspace@radixregistry.com1-1072-65736
STOREDotStore Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotstore@radixregistry.com1-1052-82517
WEBDotWeb Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshibrijesh@radixregistry.com1-956-26846
WEBSITEDotWebsite Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotwebsite@radixregistry.com1-1050-30871
WORLDDotWorld Inc.AE--Mr. Brijesh Harish Joshidotworld@radixregistry.com1-1071-58353


Phir bhi dil hai hindustani!
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Yes, i was reading the newspaper today morning and it was the main topic in Business section of Times of India.
never any newspaper has given such a weightage to this industry.

One company from British Islands (Domain Holdings) have placed 75 extensions requests.
Reliance has placed 3 extns including .Indians .

Many top tele / communication & banking indian companies have placed orders but should have been more
Indian firms should take care of their indian patent names like Yoga (which has been placed by some american company), Ayurveda etc..

Fingers crossed...

Just a query... are you with it or against it.. i.e. new extns?


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I am against .generic_name extension as they will create lot of confusions for a normal internet user. Are .com .net .org not enough?
.brand on the other hand is a good move according to me.


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Generic extensions are going to be hit or miss. See .jobs for example, its been a failure upto this point. There needs to be a Market Need for an extension to fill. Otherwise they are going to be floundering and a lot of money down the drain.

By the way .App has the most applications, remember those arguments about death of domain names because of Apps. Looks like Apps need a way to market themselves and having a web address helps..

I would like to see some of these do well to drive down Renewal/Registration prices from Verisign for .com's. They have a monopoly and increase prices every year. I know its a strech..but that's the only positive I see out of all this Hoopla.

LLL.in King

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I am against these new extensions because it creates alot of duplication, and the biggest winner by far are the registrars/ICANN. Don't the "big" companies already own and control most of their best domains they need?

LLL.in King

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But there is one very good news about this TLD explosion- one of my domain names is RIPE for a good sale and development.


^^^ bought it years ago because i thought someone would want to keep track of all these TLDs. Looks like some company or person will really have to keep stats on TLDs with the potential launch of 100s of new TLDs.
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